Top 16 Birthday Room Decoration Ideas That Will Take Your Celebration To Next Level

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Top 16 Birthday Room Decoration Ideas That Will Take Your Celebration To Next Level

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that we all love celebrating birthdays. So if your loved ones birthday is round the corner and you are hunting for great surprise birthday party decorations? Then search no further! Below we have discussed some of the excellent ideas for room birthday decoration that will surely impress your partner. But if you need any help in room decorating for birthday surprise, feel free to get in touch with us!

So now let’s prepare your room for those unforgettable romantic moments with most creative birthday room decoration!

Surprise Room Decoration With Nostalgia Photographs: Who would’nt love the idea of walking down the memory lane. Our experienced room decorator for birthday will take your loved ones down the memory lane by creating a photo gallery which will be attached to the bottom of the balloon strings.This is simple yet personalised surprise room decoration for birthday.

You can even write cute messages or tie small multiple gifts and we will stick them at the end of the ribbons which will be again tied to the balloons.

Bed of Red Roses: We all love roses, right? So take this moment to beautifully decorate your bed with red rose petals. This might seem to you as one of those old school idea but trust me this room birthday decoration will definitely bring huge smile on your loved ones face.

Ribbon Chandelier: Ribbon chandelier will create a whimsical and magical effect in your room. Delicate and colouful ribbon and lace will add celestial and airy feel to your room and will dress up your room by creating a lightning fixture covered in balloons.

Birthday Room Decoration Ideas With Flowers and Balloons: This room decoration for birthday will surely create a fanciful and an illusory effect in your room. Balloons and flowers can be beautifully hung in the room and this will create a perfect combination of exciting playfulness in the room.

Custom Words: Personalize your message with custom banners, numbers and signs. We will even add special effect in your room by arranging balloons in a heart shaped pattern and using the letter “love” to decorate the walls as we are the best romantic room decorator.

Surprise Room Decoration With Tea-Light Candles: Tea-light candles is one of the most romantic surprise room decoration. It not only create a soft romantic lightning but also bring magical air in your room. With the help of tea-light candles our decorators will create a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.

Custom Photo Backdrop: How amazing it would be to cover the entire walls with balloons. This surprise birthday decoration room will beautifully decorate the entire wall of your room with heart shaped balloons. This will also let you and your guests click great photos.

Balloon Floor Arrangement: These days nobody likes to settle down for plain floors and balloon floor arrangement is a perfect birthday room decoration ideas. We will not only decorate your entire floor with balloons but will also give a plain balloons an interesting twist.

Candles and Rose Petals: Candles and flowers are a symbol of love and these two are crucial part of any surprise room decoration. Right from creating a beautiful trail of red rose petals to your bed to creating a romantic gesture for your using flowers and candles, we will enhance the beauty of your room.

Birthday decoration room with balloon strings & frills: We will create a perfect effect around your room by adding colorful frills, strings and confetti to the room decoration.

Room Filled With Balloons: This is a great way to let your loved one know that their birthday is a big deal. Room filled with red, white and pink heart shaped balloons of various shapes and sizes is one of the perfect surprise room decoration idea. Not only this we will even add a special touch by lightning scented candles for a lasting aroma around the room. We will even surprise you as well as the guest of honor with an avalanche of balloons. Click here to view more images of birthday room decoration with balloons.

Birthday Room Decoration with Balloon Curtain: We will set up a perfect surprise by creating an amazing curtain of balloons outside the room door.

Birthday Room Decoration With Balloons & Ribbons: Tieing clear heart shaped balloons with cute tulle or ribbons will add a dash of romance around the room.

Balloon Ceiling Decor: Heart shaped balloons hanging from the ceiling of the bedroom will definitely make a wonderful treat to the eyes and will create a perfect canopy of heart shaped balloons.

Room Decoration by Balloons: From decorating the room with teddy bear shaped inflated balloons for your spouse to decorating your most romantic gift with balloons, these super adorable birthday decoration room ideas will create a delightful set up.

Balloon Blast: Balloons are one such decoration item that can be used in so many different ways. Just take bright colored balloons and arrange them behind the closed door and greet the guest of honor with abundance of balloons designed in a beautiful manner. This surprise party decoration ideas will let you welcome birthday boy/girl in the best way possible.

Birthday room decoration with lightning: Lightnings looks extremely fascinating. From fairylights to strings lights, just add them and it will instantly add depth and romantic feeling to your room.

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