Permissions & Licenses

Permissions & Licenses

We at The Event’s King can help you obtain all permissions and licenses required for weddings and other events. Various events have very different and specific licensing requirements and our panel of expert consultants will be able to understand and advise on the exact requirements based on the venue and the functions that will be held. They will also obtain and look after the permissions to ensure your event is hassle free. It is very important to be kept in the loop and be aware of all the right procedures, requirements and documentation required for obtaining the right licenses. Also, you need to keep in mind that various cities in India have different requirements.

Licenses For Weddings

Here are a few permissions and licenses that might be required:

  • IPRS : The Indian Performing Right Society India
  • PPL: Phonographic Performance Ltd
  • Loud Speaker License from your local police station
  • Premises License
  • Performance License
  • NOC from the Traffic Department
  • NOC from the Fire Brigade Department
  • NOC from the electrical inspector
  • NOC from the Health Department
  • NOC from the Collector (if there is ticket selling or charity show)
  • NOC from the RangabhumiParinirikshanMandal
  • Certificate regarding fitness of the machinery (in case of amusement rides)

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